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CLONYC 49 - Brian Loring and Rachel Silkowski comes east.

I like to watch the puddles gather rain.

I am the luckiest man alive. Forming CLONYC has been one of the best wine-related decisions I have made. It has opened doors that might never have opened for me before. That said, I would be remiss if I thought all the joy was mine alone; there is a group of about 10-18 friends of mine that get to reap some of the ‘clonycal’ rewards too. Last night that group, myself and my beautiful daughter Danielle indulged in the CLONYC wonderful gift of hosting winemakers. Mr. Brian Loring just ‘popped’ in with a few of his wares, 15 of them, all with backup bottles. I know you all must be sick and tired of me telling you what a wonderful time was had, so I will save you the suffering. I do want to mention Brian’s sense of humor, one that strangely aligns with another 54 year old I am very familiar with, myself--- that Brian dude is funny, down to earth and quite talented in his vocation. Add that to the amazing wines, wonderful conversations , great grub and smiling faces and it was a magical…….oh, I forgot I was not going to do that to you again; my ‘bad’, and I don’t even use that stupid saying.

On to it…

One bit of housekeeping: I was told to remind you all from Brian that no dolphins were harmed in the making of ANY of the LWC wines but I have not tested my mercury as yet today to confirm such.

2009 LWC Brut Rose- WOW, this is amazing. I never pretended to know much about great bubbly but I know one when I taste one and this is spectacular. Recent disgorged (Feb) and just overflowing with notes of toastiness , creaminess with a full body but lithe feel. Amazing stuff that confused me as it had a beer-like crown cap on it. Find it, love it, you’re welcomed.

2014 LWC Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay- This is light and airy with intensity that it should not have. Beautiful citrus notes with an amazing viscosity I really dig. Just awesome. 100% Chardonnay from the 3D vineyard you won’t find in 2015.

2014 LWC Rosella's Vineyard Chardonnay- Wow, a different direction for sure. More tropical fruit in its approach with wonderful acidity, this is super fragrant and glossy. Wowsa.

OK, if you have had one too many ‘awesomes or wows’ I would well understand if you closed this thread down and go back to that PC thread. I got your back….

I think I messed up as there was a Durrell Chardonnay that I should have served next. Hey, I’m an old man, what do you expect, perfection?

Pinot Flight number 1

2014 LWC Durell Vineyard Pinot Noir- Beautiful structure with pretty aromatic even if a little butter popcorn is in there. It’s deep and lovely.

2014 LWC Keefer Ranch Vineyard Pinot Noir- Always a fan of Ed Kurtzman’s Keefer, this one seems to ring my bells in a big way. Nose of deeply perfumed frangipani this is deep and long and quite spectacular. Light on it’s feet and deft in it’s approach with fine tannins and awesome balance. My favorite of a great flight.

2014 LWC Garys' Vineyard Pinot Noir- I know Gary’s Vineyard has its followers, I wish I were fine-tuned enough in my Pinot-prowess to discern bottles like this. I found it the ripest of the group and the darkest.

2014 LWC Rosella's' Vineyard Pinot Noir- beautifully textured with deep dark red fruits. Intense and near-flamboyant and in the same class at the Gary’s above. Me not worthy to discern more. Maybe when I am 55…..

Pinot Flight number 2

2014 RASI Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills- I have been with Rachel and her little label since inception, even if that inception was a year ago with her 2013 version. This one comes of a bit more complete and polished. Nice blue-black fruits with great bounce and lift while being full and super balanced. Great wine and one you owe to yourself to at least try.

2014 LWC Clos Pepe Vineyard Pinot Noir- Another one of my favorites on the night and keeping with my own demons, I have become enamored with a few vineyards in particular and Clos Pepe is within my top 3. This (to me) has it all, verve and harmonic while crisscrossing my palate with elegance and style. Wow.

2014 LWC Kessler-Haak Vineyard Pinot Noir-This one has some edginess and maybe a bit more tannins a-poppin. Lovely and in sync with its family and glad to have a peek in.

2014 LWC Rancho La Vina Vineyard Pinot Noir- similar to the Kessler-Haak but I guess it would be, these all come across as more serious in approach and maybe could use some bottle time. Try one in February and report back wow

Last flight of the night

2012 LWC Russell Family Vineyard Grenache- Nice and fragrant wine but let’s face it, I’m done.

2012 LWC Russell Family Vineyard Mourvedre- OK, it may be late but lateness can’t cover greatness and this is amazing. Lithe and airy with dark red fruits and a fragrance that is almost haunting. My daughter loved this one and so did I

2009 LWC Divergence- Hmmm, I said this was a bit port-like and dense but it had it’s fans, so there you naysayers, I don’t always love every bottle that crosses my lips.

The simple voting went like this RASI had 6 WOTN. Gary’s had 3. The Mourvedre had 2 and the Keefer had 1----me!

By the way, accompanying Brian was his lovely assistant, Miss Rachel Silkowski who is responsible for that little bottle of RASI we poured tonight. Check out what the Prince Of pinot has to say about her wine and email her as soon as you can.

What a great night. The conversation ranged from pizza to porn. Good stuff!!

Thank you, Brian and Rachel!

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