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CLONYC 48 Cameron Hughes Reserves and a surprise ending!

Last evening the old gang met in our usual spot to do our usual thing. Tonight we gather for the Cameron Hughes Reserves, as if we needed a reason.
These are interesting wines for sure who has had much play about the mystery surrounding them. Some said Harlan some said maiden but methinks Kyle Schlachter is correct when he said Alejandro Bulgheroni is the label belonging to these shinered-wines.
While I did not find the dill Wine Spectator did, I did see some issues with a few.
Let me get to them….

We started with some of the Lot wines.
2013 Cameron Hughes Cabernet lot 600 Oakville--Great start indeed. A very pretty nose of reddish black fruits. Palate shows some great balance and elegance. A solid core of medium black fruits that just sort of glide nicely across the palate. This one is memorable on the night.
2013 Cameron Hughes Cabernet lot 596 Monte Rosso—this one shows a more flamboyant nose and is brighter all around. Nice glycerin coating, the tannins seems larger as does the finish. Where it falls a bit (for me) is the elegance. More brutish and larger structured. Another decent drink.
2013 Cameron Hughes Cabernet lot 598 Meteor —Even more flamboyant but palate seems clipped and mid-palate nearly missing.

2006 Cameron Hughes Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon—I went looking for dill as mentioned by the WS tasting note, albeit another vintage, but I was following clues. I found eucalyptus nose and some pretty textured blue-black fruits. A pretty good balance and a decent finish, this certainly spent it’s time in its bottle. An early favorite and a unanimous WOTF for the group. Unanimous! Can’t recall if that has ever happened again.
2007 Cameron Hughes Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon—I wish I can say I found a 2007 I enjoyed because I still have not. The nose is awesome but man does not enjoy wine by nose alone, this was a mess. Void of any sort of acidity which in turn makes it unbalanced which it turn makes me dump it.
2008 Cameron Hughes Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon—another abstract mess-- le dump.
The 2006 was it for this weak flight. Not sure if it showed so well but maybe not as bad as? Anywy, we shall see.
2009 Cameron Hughes Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon—this had a wonderful nose of blackberries and cassis. The overall feel quite nice but just not up to the 2006 or what is to come, the 2011. Yes, the 2011. Let me jump the similar noted 2010 and get to it.
2011 Cameron Hughes Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon—If ever there was a shiney shiner, this is it. It’s amazing in it’s passive near aggressive attack of soft red-black fruits with tremendous elegance and beautiful mouthfeel. Long and true and goes on and on, this could very well be one of the best 2011s I have ever tasted. I had to recheck the pour order/bottles. I did all the pouring it is all poured correctly, this rocks. It’s lithe and fresh with nothing out of place and style-wise certainly a nice wine seeming more like a Sonoma cab than Napa. If your buds want to buy the six-pack and want you to take the 2011 ‘dog’ grab it. 7 WOTN votes.

The straggler
2013 Cameron Hughes Cabernet lot 597 Stagecoach – I am glad this one happened to be last. It came across as all butter popcorn and disjointed. After the 2011, I was not having any of it.
I am glad to have come across that 2011. So far as who has made these? , I believe that everything Kyle mentioned in his findings seems in place and there is no real reason to believe this was not a rich dude with a un-95 point wine on his hands and most certainly had chosen to go the Harlanesque ‘wait a few years’ to release scenario. Too bad the ‘few years’ is a half a dozen. I won’t lose too much sleep, he can afford it.

The staff at North Square did an amazing job once again. The food spot-on and my steak was just wonderful.

Another great CLONYC night.

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