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CLONYC XI - Ghost Horse et al.

This night was the night we were to dispel truth or myth about the highly controversial Ghost Horse Cabernet from Napa.
The theme was simple: Every guest was to bring a bottle of high end Napa Cabernet. All were tasted blind and only on the reveal would everyone find out what else was present. Double blind. The night started out with a few great champagnes. The Krug 1998 was awesome, but no notes were taken. There were some very big names here tonight and some very big disappointments.

Here is the order in which the Cabernets were served. (decided by the staff at Zoes, Soho).

Oh, by the way, Ghost Horse won.

2001 Abreu Madrona - This was medium dark in color. It had a slightly steamed meat nose which I did not like. There were some black fruits of sour black currants and blackberries present but they were masked by the heat. A little short on the finish.
2005 Grace Family - Weird right out of the gate. As John mentioned this was thin and uninspiring. I thought Shiraz, but no, Dan would not do that to us? Would he?
2003 Harlan Estate - Another medium colored wine with some Framboise, currant, and black cherries. It had a clean and nicely balanced mouth feel, and although a step up, still uninspired. Got better as time went on: took on some elegance and structure, but Harlan? Not! Easy WOTF. My #4 92/100
2005 Futo - Another weird one. Some soapy notes on the nose and maybe the band aid others noticed. Just not…..good. Unbalanced and unstructured. It did have some oak and edgy tannins. Bad.
2002 Shafer Hillside Select - This had some deeper and darker color. A nice cherry cola nose with some cassis and lass, but this also seemed a bit acidified? The tannin structure was a bit clumsy as well. A very nice lush mouth feel and a good long finish. 92/100
2005 Ghost Horse - This was hitting all cylinders and was greatly appreciated by this point of the nigh. It had deep dark color with great black fruits of cassis, blackberries and plum. Nice. Great elegance and structure showed breed and style. This was great. Very lush and smooth A long finish brought it home. I wish it has been maybe 5-8 degrees cooler in temperature though. Still all in all a great wine. WOTF, My #1. I had this pegged for the SHS or Harlan. 94/100
2001 Ghost Horse - Deep dark and perfumed, this was nice, but slightly lackluster in the nose and palate. There were nice reddish fruits of cherries and some blueberries hiding in there somewhere. Nice but I was wanting more….
2005 Merus - This was very different in style than anything on the table yet. Big brooding and well structured with very masculine lines. Nice dark black hole fruits of currant and boysenberry with some pomegranate. There was some soy and tarry leather. I had this pegged for the Maya strictly on the different showing. (I knew the wine line-up). 93/100
2005 Ramey Pedregal - This reminded me of Chianti. It had red tomato leaf notes which I found distracting. Awkward and unbalanced. Not a fan.
1999 Dalla Valle Maya - Another lackluster and insipid from the get go. Not too much nose, but the palate had some admirable red/black fruits and a lively acid level kept it alive ….NEXT!
2002 Araujo Eisele - Back on track: Great black cherries and kirsch. Some cola and cocoa. Very nice. I wish this had more Oomph though. It was a bit feminine, but graceful and elegant. A good long finish. Very nice indeed. 93/100