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CLONYC 22- The Jones Family

In keeping with CLONYC style of our enjoyment of fantastic wines while breaking bread with those responsible for bringing them to us, a very special CLONYC tasting/dinner commenced with both Stephanie and Dan Bailey of the Jones Family Vineyards.

Twelve of us drank through multiple vintages of both the Estate and 'The Sisters'; two of the flagship wines the Jones Family make. Originally made by Heidi Peterson Barrett and now Thomas Rivers Brown (all his in 2008 and whom we had the pleasure of hosting two years back). The quality and consistency of these wines is amazing right across the board.

2005 'The Sisters'
2006 'The Sisters'
2008 'The Sisters'

Of this group, the 2006 stood out for me (Always a favorite). All three were pure and precise. The black fruit profile evident. I love the 2006s heightened elegance. The 2005 has some amazing kirsch notes with a hint of Framboise, black cherry and cola. The 2008 is very pretty indeed. The different choice of certain oak barrels that Thomas uses in his vintage(s) certainly show. It's fragrant and slightly boisterous. I can't wait to get me some. Did I ever tell you that these are (in my humble opinion) one of the single best QPRs in the Valley. Glad I can add past present and future.

2007 Jones Family Estate Cabernet (opened 3-4 hours earlier)
2006 Jones Family Estate Cabernet
2005 Jones Family Estate Cabernet

The 2007 is AMAZINGLY pure and slightly showy in keeping true to the vintage. Its cassis driven with gobs of lush mouth-feel. The 2006 is fantastic in its structure and poise with a bold streak of blackness running right through it. The 2005 was very much what I expect 2005s to be. More classically structured with a full mid-palate and long finish. Again, there is tons of family traits these all share, but like kids, they each have their own personality.

3 special 'family' wines, usually the wine-makers choice barrel.
2004 Madeline cuvee
2005 Heidis favorite barrel
2006 Lindseys cuvee

Elegance and stately, these really reflect what can be accomplished with great fruit & talent. The 2005 had pretty black cherry, currant and black plum shins. Some graphite and worn leather. The 2006 similar with a more lush mid-palate. All I know is my glasses were emptied quickly.
Don't bother looking for them. You will not find them.

1996 Jones Family Estate Cabernet- First year made
1997 Jones Family Estate Cabernet

If you ever see the 1996 around with some good storage, grab it. Its fully resolved and pure with a more red/black profile of cherries, red currant and raspberries. A near perfect rendition of a mid 90s Cab. The '97 was slightly behind it. More black and less vibrant. My ongoing thesis of which vintage is better continues on.

2002 Jones Family Estate Cabernet
2003 Jones Family Estate Cabernet
2004 Jones Family Estate Cabernet

The 2002 has vintage attributes of a bit of 'fatness' Its rounder and plush with reddish fruits. Nicely resolved, it still has a life ahead of it. The 2004 was bolder and more intense with a blacker profile. I loved its fine delineation and core of pure black fruits.

Thanks to all who attended and a special thank you to Stephanie and Dan Bailey of Jones Family Vineyards.

A lively evening amongst impassioned Cabernet aficionados. Lots of laughs and smiles around the table. Great night.