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Upon planning this one I ran into a tiny problem of 'conflicting schedules' during the holiday season with a bunch of invites going out and only 4 yes responses coming in. Never one to be defeated, I decided to march on and plan a smaller dinner with the 'yes' crowd. I booked a table for 4 at North Square. We grew to 6 quickly. The theme was Syrah from the US. A fun night as usual with lively & spirited conversation. The wines showed pretty great too. All the 'syrah' style-spectrums were covered on this night.

2004 Aubert Chardonnay Ritchie Vineyard
Arriving last at the table I spied some cloudy straw colored stuff in front of my place setting. What do we have here? It was pure love, that’s what it was. Super aromatics of exotic fruits with Meyer lemons, pineapple, fresh cut flowers and a hint of hazelnuts. It was perfectly balanced. Fresh and vibrant, this had a creamy fleshy texture with some fresh cut grass notes. I loved this ‘surprise’ at my place setting.

1999 JM Gerin Cote Rotie Champin le Seigneur
Most definitely has the French-funk. A bit thin, simple and non-memorable, to me. The more Francophile amongst us thought different as it sat in the glass.

1998 Fox Creek Reserve Shiraz
Nose tells you there is going to be a reduction and you will be pouring it out. On the palate this showed less of what was expected and was quite nice. In 10 minutes time this became floral and gorgeous! No reduction now. Just pure red-black fruits of cherries & red raspberries. The nose was really beautiful. What an amazing transition.

2002 Alban Reva
We have arrived in the new world and have burned our ship. There’s no going back now. This was big and brawny on the nose with black cherries and white pepper in control. Youthful and full of life, this needs 5 more years. As it sat it fleshed out and became more balanced and integrated. There was leather soy and earth amongst the blue-black fruits. An interesting and pretty great wine that just kept evolving in the glass. 5 first place votes

2005 DuMol Eddie's Patch
A totally different direction this headed in. More pinot like than Syrah like, it was elegant and filled with cherries and spring flowers. More of a stylistic thing, this might have showed better (to me) sans ‘others’. It garnered one first place vote.

2005 Kongsgaard Hudson
Somewhere in style between the Dumol and the Royal City about to come. Some nice deep black fruits on this one though with cassis, black raspberries and some plum. Hints of cedar and framboise with a bit of a lush mid-palate, this was large boned and pretty nice.

2006 Charles Smith Royal City
Opened 3 hours) This had the sweet buttered popcorn thing happening. A bit of alcohol noticed upon entry, this needed to be decanted or aerated for longer. Time in the glass and this showed a ripe blue-black fruit profile with some worn leather and crème de cassis. It was glossy and well structured. Alongside the pepper encrusted steak with Dijon sauce this simply ROCKED. Its balance deft, this now had tons goodness. The most food friendly wine on this table-- this night. Glad to have brought it and glad I have more.

2006 Cabot Aria's
Simple and nondescript, I think this a good wine just a bit outclassed this night.

Alban- 5 votes WOTN
Dumol- 1 vote WOTN

Looking forward to 2012, the CLONYC/SLONYC schedule is shaping up pretty pretty good with some exciting dinners on the horizon.

Cheers to you and your families this holiday season!