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CLONYC 17- The Big Juicy Cabs Amongst Friends dinner

When 'Philly' from Chicago calls on a Friday night and says "I will be in town for one day on business and want to do a big cabernet dinner, CLONYC style"....you listen. That was the scenario for the impromptu CLONYC dinner, just 8 days after the Dr Crane dinner last week. (As I walked into the room at North Square, I could swear I still smelled the aroma of that Myriad Dr Crane from last week).And so the CLONYC Big Juicy Cabs Amongst Friends dinner commenced. I sent a few emails out hoping to gather a group. By Monday, mission accomplished.

CLONYCs new home at North Square restaurant really fits our needs; The private room, the top notch red meat leaning choices for dinner, and a killer lobster and crab meat with home made slaw that is yummo!

Anywho, I will stop my rambling and move on--to the wines.3 flights of 3, each with a blind entry. 2 blinds in the third flight.

2006 Maybach Materium -This opened with a whiff of vanilla that really balanced itself into a creamy, lush, velvety & pure cabernet. It had some great blackish fruits with some crème de cassis and kirsch notes. A very great showing that just continued to benefit from air, even after the 3 hour decant. In my mind, this still has the best qualities of both the 2004 and the 2005 Maybachs. Wow

2005 Buccella- This was a bit awkward at first, almost a bit funky/soapy nose. I initially thought it was my unseasoned glass, but when ‘after flight’ conversations went around, I found out that Eric and Lance had the same sense. Thankfully this dissipated and opened into a very clean and precise cabernet with some great cola note, cassis, cardamom, and black cherry. Fantastic balance with a decent finish. I think the 04 Buccella overshadows this, but not a bad drop at all.

BLIND #1- 2004 Paul Hobbs ToKalon- Pouring this into the glass I noted a bit lighter color, and an amazing fragrant burst of flowers, reddish fruits and joy. A super balanced example of Hobbs surely needed after last weeks 'Hobbs incident' at CLONYC 16. Medium weight and chock full of everything one could ask for, the breed and class was really showing through. Never really moving away from its near perfect showing. Incredible.
2004 Kobalt- Dark and pure, this was exquisite in its showing and once again proves the skills and abilities of the winemaker, Mark Herold. Currant, plum, sassafras, cardamom, crushed river rock, spring flowers wow. Long and full figured, this was both elegant and a bruiser. A velvety hand within its iron glove.

2005 Harris Estate Lakeview- a bit more restrained than the Kobalt (same winemaker, more up valley fruit), this was heady with tannins that really dug in. Some great black fruits of cassis, blackberries, dark plums, and leather; this really needs more air, or more time, my preference the latter. A longish pure cab finish, this really is something wonderful. I have been a fan of Mike Harris’ wines form some time now. Still well under the radar, I never understand where the love is, but that’s cool, because I know I have some….

BLIND #2 – 2004 Bialla Cabernet Sauvignon- a nose of dill pickle, this was a bit awkward and unbalanced to me. I hear it can be compared to Insignia, and that might be true, as Insignia, although a good drink, has never been a ‘gotta have’ for me in MOST vintages.
2001 Rudd Estate Oakville- A more quiet style, this showed a bit of its age as compared to the others so far. A pure and elegant wine with a mix of red and black berries, crème de cassis, and leather. A nice finish. I have always enjoyed Rudd’s wines. It’s always the company you keep that brings you up or keeps you down. On a lazy Sunday night without 8 wines ahead of it, I would most certainly appreciate this one much more.

BLIND #3 2005 Go Figure Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 3- Tire rubber on the nose kept this one down for a while. It took a while to come around. It was a correct cabernet it the sense it had the currant, cassis, cola and black berries, but it was a bit clunky and out of class. I knew what it was right away, (I knew 3 of the 4 blinds). A good wine, but see what I said about the Rudd about the lazy Sunday night. (At $35, it really was outclassed tonight).

BLIND#4- 2006 Seven Stones- Wow, the youth was evident. An amazingly pure and precise cabernet that was lush and elegant. I have always like Aaron Potts wines, and this must certainly be one of the best I have had yet. Creamy and full of promise….and baby fat, when this comes around in a few years time, you would be mighty happy to have it in your cellars. I almost felt as though I had tasted a barrel sample. Lots of exact black fruits with a hint of some red in the background. An amazingly intricate tannin base, with a lithy acidity. So much going on in 750ml of space. Wow. Gotta get me some.
I had left place mat with the results of WOTF and WOTN home. I can tell you this, The Maybach, Kobalt, Hobbs and Seven Stones were my favorites on the night of almost wine-perfection--once again.Great night. Thanks all. Always great welcoming new friends in the CLONYC family.