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CLONYC XII- The wines of Thomas Rivers Brown with Thomas Rivers Brown

On Monday March 23 2009 CLONYC had the honor to host one of the countries top winemakers, Thomas Rivers Brown. Having garnered 2 -100 points in his last released vintage of Schrader is no small feat. Once you put points aside you realize that possibly everything he touches is golden. (I have never been a point chaser myself).
Thomas is humble, fun loving, unassuming and obviously very learned in his field. We had 19 of his wines, all furnished by him for this evening.
The conversations going around the table were smart and lively but the quiet while Thomas was answering a question was very noticeable. He had the full attention of all. I had asked Thomas about his Jones Family participation going forward. He is very excited about the site and its sun kissed position and feels he can truly continue on nicely as well as grow both bottlings. I am a fan of Jones as was sure glad to hear it. 2008 will be his first there. All the wines showed superbly. The Schrader Beckstoffer To-Kalon and the Maybach were incredible. When the night’s wines were all poured and people had the choice to choose what they wanted to just drink, I chose the Maybach, and so did Thomas. We two alone were guilty of killing it. Thank you to Thomas Rivers Brown for his generosity and in being part of an unforgettable evening for myself and the group. It was a very laid back evening that will be difficult to match going forward. 2007 Outpost Grenache 2007 Maybach Eterium Chardonnay (Graciously sent by Chris Maybach) 2007 Rivers-Marie Thieriot Chardonnay 2007 Rivers-Marie Summa Pinot Noir 2007 Rivers-Marie Summa Old Pinot Noir 2007 Rivers-Marie Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2007 Rivers-Marie Occidental Pinot Noir 2007 Rivers-Marie Willow Creek Pinot Noir 2006 Maybach Materium Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Schrader CCS Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Schrader To Kalon Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Schrader T-6 Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Schrader Georges III Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Outpost "True Vineyard" Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Rivers-Marie Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Outpost Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Tamber Bey Cabernet Sauvignon Sauvignon 2006 Diamond Terrace Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Two Hands Charlie's Patch Cabernet Sauvignon. Dinner was at New York's North Square restaurant.Food & service was great and the private room was surely a bonus as we did not need to scream across the table just to be heard. All notes by Mike Pobega 2007 Rivers-Marie Chardonnay B. Thieriot Vineyard - this was spectacular. It was golden hued and glossy. The nose was lemon rind and tall grass.. 100% new oak and it showed wonderfully.A very pure styles Chardonnay with great acidic lift and light and airy on the palate. Very creamy and loads of style. Very nice. 2007 Maybach Eterium Chardonnay - two barrels selection of the above wine. Less than 500 bottles will be available. Maybe. Similar in many ways but more minerality with the great lemon fruited notes. Intense and complicated this was great. 2006 Schrader T6 Cabernet Sauvignon- Floral nose and ungiving upon opening. 4 hours plus this had some great black fruits with super structure. A tremendous mouth feel. Great cassis and cola with a slight touch of camphor. There was the slightest note of sulphur, but it dissipated in the glass quickly. Such a big brawny wine with tons of finesse. Great. 2006 Maybach Materium- Soft camphor nose with great red and lack mix of cab fruits. This had a super elegant mouth feel on a conveyor belt of joy. Intensely stylistic with never approaching brooding. Pure clean lines and just a perfect wine all around. 2006 Schrader Georges III Cabernet Sauvignon- All the Schrader’s had a similar profile save for a certain something: This had the super long finish and persistent cover on the tongue. Super plush with crème de cassis and leather, this was great. Check out this note. 2006 Tamber Bey Cabernet Sauvignon - A sweet red and black fruit filed nose, this was multi dimensional and deep. An elegant and mind boggling wine that just keeps giving. What a great deal in today’s market. I will seek this one for my cellar. 2006 Rivers-Marie Cabernet Sauvignon - This was medium dark in color. Some great black fruits veiled in some creamy vanilla. Big chewy tannins. A truly clean and pure cab with a long life ahead of it. Nice. 2006 Outpost Howell Mountain Cabernet- The one floored me. I have always been a Outpost Cab fan but I usually gush about the 'True'. This is hitting all the right notes in a big and pure way. Its got structure and backbone but yet elegant. I love this wine. A real QPR. 2006 Diamond Terrace Cabernet Sauvignon- An all black fruit nose with the color to match. Big and extracted with some brutish edges. Pure black cherry and blackberries with crème de cassis. An amazing mouth feel that goes on all night. What a great QPR to boot! A must seek out. But wait at least a few years to pop! 2006 Outpost True Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon- This is amazing. I have been a fan for a few years now and this is surely in top form. Black fruits and pure mouth fell, the balance and depth is to be witnessed in person. It has some wonderful kirsch and cola with some leather and earthiness. Tons of class and structure. A long finish completes the complete package. A must buy in ‘06 2006 Schrader Beckstoffer To-Kalon – Wow, this is the schnizzle all new world Cali cab drinkers seek. Dark and dense, with some wonderful notes of flower petals and violets on the nose. Darkish fruit profile with black-hole cassis, sassafras, black cherry, and black plums. Really impressive mouth fell and structure that brought joy to everyone on the tables face. Unbelievable. If you pass on any of the Schraders, don’t let it be this one, regardless of what got what points from whom…… 2006 Schrader CCS- Like all of the other Schraders, the similarities are there. All wonderful wines with some great depth structure and finesse. Not to sound like a broken record as I am sure I do already, this is just beautiful and a must seek out for aficionados. 2006 Two Hand Charlie’s Patch Cabernet Sauvignon- What an interesting wine. Very dark and brooding with some slightly angular structure. Currant, plums and black cherry cola with maybe a hint of green pepper. A decent finish. All in all a very nice cab if not in the same class of the Schraders but I would not refuse another sip if offered and I would certainly like to ‘experiment’ with this one again.