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CLONYC 14 - 1996 Napa Cabs v. 1996 Left Bank Bordeaux

Last night nine hungry but smiling men gathered at North Square Restaurant for a 1996 Napa v. 1996 Bordeaux themed dinner.

All agreed on the fact that 12/13 years have blurred the lines on many of these, and figuring them out was a chore, but a fun one. (At least until flight #4).

We decided to do this one blind. Single blind. Instead of detailed notes, I have given the wine number in the order it was served. 4 flights of 3 wines, we voted after each and gave an impression of where we thought it heralded from, hence the N or B.
Always humbling, one needs to always remember how feet tastes before going too far out on a limb when tasting blind.

It was a very great night indeed. The company top notch. I got to meet Ramon, who seemed to fit right in with this rambunctious group. The food was exceptionally good on this evening, and Lulu did a spectacular job for us. She handled the blinding and numbering. My steak was perfect, as was the crab and lobster cakes. The dessert of flan was unbelievable. Thanks for all who attended, and especially those who brought extra bottles (Mark, Nano, Ramon, and Steve). Steve served his 2007 Congruence as an appeteezer. Once again, very nicely received.

Thank you to everyone!

Flight 1- Here we go....
Wine #3 1996 Ch. Lynch Bages (7 correct guesses on nationality)
Mark 3rd (B), Ramon 1st (B), Nano 1st (B), Eric 3rd(B), Julius 3rd(B), Kevin 1s(N)t, Steve 3rd(B), Mike 2nd(N), Robert 1st(B)

Robert, Nano and Steve called this one correctly at the reveal
I enjoyed this one most of all the Bordeaux. It was dark and super black fruited, cassis, black berries, with some earthiness and leather. Fully resolved, but still graceful.

Wine #6 1996 Leonetti "American Vineyard" Cabernet (4 correct guesses on nationality)

Mark 2nd (B), Ramon 2nd (N), Nano 2nd (B), Eric 1st (B), Julius 2nd (N), Kevin 3rd (B), Steve 1st (N), Mike 3rd (B), Robert 3rd (N)

This had the most interesting nose of this flight. Somewhat sweetish and menthol.

Wine #7 1996 Corison Kronos Vineyard (5 correct guesses on nationality)
Mark 1st (N), Ramon 3rd (N), Nano 3rd (N), Eric 2nd (N), Julius 1st (B), Kevin 2nd (B), Steve 2nd (B), Mike 1st (N), Robert 2nd (B)

Kevin & I guessed this correctly at the reveal.
I knew this was Corison, just could not decide on which. It was of a little more rustic style, so my first indication was the Napa bottling


Flight 2- A step up.
Wine #2 1996 Ch Pape Clement (7 correct guesses on nationality)
Kevin 1st(B), Steve 1st(B), Mike 2nd(N), Robert 1st (B), Mark 3rd(N)Ramon 1st(B)Nano 1s(B)Eric 1st(B)Julius 3rd(B)

Wine #4 1996 Abreu Madrona Ranch (4 correct guesses on nationality)
Kevin 2nd(N), Steve 2nd(N), Mike 3rd(B), Robert 2nd(B), Mark 2nd(B), Ramon 2nd(B), Nano 2nd(N), Eric 2nd(N), Julius 2nd(B)

Wine #10 1996 Jones Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon (8 correct guesses on nationality -- Steve thought it was made in HELL)

Kevin 3rd(N), Steve 3rd(H), Mike 1st(N), Robert 3rd(N), Mark 1st(N), Ramon 3rd(N), Nano 3rd(N), Eric 3rd(N), Julius 1st(N)

Steve called this hell? I called its best of the group.
A great flight agreed by all.

I found this Graceful and pure with a pretty nose of violets. Currant, kirsch, and black olives with leather and dust. The breed was evident
My second choice in the nights hierarchy.

Flight 3- The All Napa Flight
Wine #1 1996 Peter Michael 'Les Pavots' (8 correct guesses on nationality)
Ramon 3rd(N), Nano 2nd(N), Eric 1st(N), Julius 1st(N), Kevin 2nd(N), Steve 1st(N), Mike 2nd(N), Robert 1st(B), Mark 1st(N)

Wine #5 1996 Corison Napa CS (7 correct guesses on nationality)
Ramon 2nd(B), Nano 3rd(N), Eric 3rd(N), Julius 3rd(N), Kevin 3rd(B), Steve 2nd(N), Mike 3rd(N), Robert 3rd(N), Mark 3rd(N)

Wine #12 1996 Lail "J. Daniel" Cuvee (5 correct guesses on nationality)
Ramon 1st(N), Nano 1st(N), Eric 2nd(B), Julius 2nd(N), Kevin 1st(B), Steve 3rd(B), Mike 1st(N), Robert 2nd(N), Mark 2nd(B)

I loved this wine. Easily my wotn. Dark, brooding and black fruit filled with some soy, and camphor. Great textured mouthfeel and load of life ahead.


Epilogue-The undrinkables (to me at least)
I pinned as ‘The Bordeaux Flight’ by nose alone, this was a rough one to get through. All the hallmarks of Bordeaux were present, I was just not interested in deciphering them. Most did end up agreeing that it was surely a flight of all Bordeaux, but in voting there was some second thoughts...
Wine #8 1996 Ch Leoville Poyferre (7 correct guesses on nationality)
Mark 3rd(B), Ramon 1st(B), Nano 1st(B), Eric 2nd(B), Julius 3rd (B), Kevin 1st(N), Steve 1st(B), Mike 2ndB), Robert 1st(N)

Kevin was the only dissenting voice on the Frenchness of this one.

Wine #9 1996 Ch Lafon-Rochet (5 correct guesses on nationality)
Mark 1st(B), Ramon 3rd(N), Nano 3rd(N), Eric 3rd(B), Julius 2nd (N), Kevin 2nd(N), Steve 2nd(B), Mike 1st(B), Robert 3rd(B)

Wine #11 1996 Ch Smith Haut Lafitte (7 correct guesses on nationality)
Mark 2nd(B), Ramon 2nd(B), Nano 2nd(B), Eric 1st(B), Julius 1st (N), Kevin 3rd(B), Steve 3rd(N), Mike 3rd(B), Robert 2nd(B)

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