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SLONYC ONE- Syrahs of the USA

The first SLONYC dinner went off swimmingly last evening. We tried to broadcast live, but the bandwidth was a killer. We managed to get some streamed, but I am sure watching paint dry was a better choice, as I knew it would. It’s always great to welcome new faces amongst the regulars. I always enjoy Brent's take on the wines, it was great seeing everyone and thanks for bringing such a great array of Syrahs.
The wines were really almost all top notch, almost. A great variance of styles was present. These are truly foodies wines, and the sliders were the perfect foil to the 2nd flight. My favorite flight was the first, and my wine favorite wine of the night was the Skull.
In answer to Dans question, no there will not be a BLONYC when we do Brunellos…..

2001 Dellille Cellars Syrah Doyenne -Pretty fowers on the nose, some red fruits, a Pinot type of acidity and balance. Elegant anf feminine. Very nice start
2002 Cayuse Cailloux Vineyard Walla Walla - A bit subdued nose. Big purple fruits with some nice balance and grace. Black peppers and crushed pebbles. A very great wine.
2004 Jaffurs Upslope - This was similar in style to the Cayuse with more giving on the nose. Very structured and pure. Some blackberries, strawberries. Soy, and a touch or earth. Another winner
2004 Scholium Scheria – Full bodied and really showing well, this had some white pepper and anise. If I had a complaint, it was only evident after tasting the Skull below, and maybe, just maybe slightly hallow, but very nice still.
2004 DuMOL RRV - Exotic nose with great black and blue fruits. Clean and precise finish. Great with the lamb slider!
2005 Charles Smith The Skull - This was my WOTN. It had everything I ever wanted in a US Syrah: Black and red medly of fruits with full mid-palate with woven pure tannins. I really appreciate the hint of bacon, with the crushed river pebbles. It had it all and all was in balance. A
2005 Alban Reva – A bit akward and edge with jammy black and red fruits spilling over the side. I initially liked it, but in the company, it paled.
2005 Ambullneo Syrah Howling- Wow, this was hitting on all cylinders. Full black fruit profile with soy, leather, and white pepper. Very very nice.
2005 PAX Lauterbach Hill - Typical in the PAX way. Black pepper and earth tones. Never elegant, but usually pleasing. Great mouthfeel and slightly angular in the finsish. Very good.
2005 Samasara - Don’t remember much, other than it being pretty in-line with this line-up.
2007 Carlisle Papa's Block - Not a fan of this typical four square, but surely Syrah type. Not much character beyond the lines.

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